St. Stephen’s has 6 ministry teams which are active in doing and supporting the mission of our congregation. If you wish more information about these teams or wish to contact them, please call our Church office at 705-743-4411 or email us at :

The Worship Team

The Worship Team works with the minister and music director to plan Worship Services that are stirring and inspiring, helpful and hopeful. We are blessed with a church community which is comprised of people from newborn to 95 years of age with various preferences of worship styles. Our blended worship has something for all.

The Worship Team is led by Mary Corneyea.

The Ministry of Fishery & Invitation Team

The Ministry of Fishery & Invitation Team look for effective ways to take the love and word of Christ into our neighbourhood.  Some ways we do this are:

  • serving community meals,
  • making the building more user-friendly,
  • sending out invitations,
  • enhancing an already friendly worship experience
  • reaching out with youth activities
  • providing weekday summer programs for area children
  • oversight of this website

Our hope is to involve everyone – including you and your family – in God’s realm.

The “minister” of Fishery and Invitation is Les Harvey.


The Congregational & Community Care Team

The Congregational & Community Care Team believe the heart of the good news is to care for the world God loves and especially those who are having a difficult season in their life. This is done through:

  • Prayer Line – by email & telephone
  • Birthday & Anniversary recognition
  • Church Directory
  • Shut-in visiting
  • Gifts, cards and benevolences, as needed
  • Presbytery Hospital Visiting of Presbyterians
  • Monthly food and household donations to community organizations
  • Monthly pasta suppers
  • Feeding the hungry @ St. Paul’s
  • Community Garden, in partnership with YWCA
  • Catering for funerals

Susan Williams is the leader of the Congregational and Community Care Team.

The Stewardship Team

We believe that all of life – the Earth, other people, the Church, ourselves and all we own belong to God and is entrusted into the care of all people.     Our Stewardship Team encourages us in this calling.   As such they aid the congregation in setting priorities for projects and organizing and training volunteers.   As well they give leadership for finances by encouraging us to be “cheerful givers”  and being accountable for our budget.

The Stewardship Team is led by Wayne Smith.

The Support Team

The Support Team cares for the physical space of the building. We look after everything from the very boring (Is there toilet paper in the washroom? Are the floors clean?), to the very exciting (A new out door sign! Sound and Visual equipment!), to the very significant (Do we need a new roof? Is there water in the basement?)

It’s our mission to make smooth the way so the Church community can do their mission.

Marilyn MacNaughton gives leadership to the Support Team.

The Living and Learning Team

The Living and Learning Team has the joy of forming and nourishing faith in Christ through activities and fellowship beyond our central worship experience.

  • Children’s programs
  • Youth Group
  • Drama productions
  • Women’s Activities
  • Men’s Fellowship
  • BBQ’s
  • Dinners

Alison Smith  is the leader of the Living and Learning Team and the co-0rdinator of the Church School.