Sermons from August 2016

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“Spades and Shovels”


ST. STEPHEN’S PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH                                                                                     AUGUST 28, 2016   SPADES AND SHOVELS 1 John 1: 5 – 10; Matthew 6: 9- 15 Rev. Sabrina Ingram   The phrase “Let’s call a spade a spade” is used to suggest that people speak plainly and come directly to the point.  There can be value in that.  Being […]

Have Faith


ST. STEPHEN’S PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH                                                                                       AUGUST 7, 2016    HAVE FAITH Ephesians 3: 8 – 21; Luke 22: 29 – 34 Rev. Sabrina Ingram   Mrs. Brown told her pastor, “I’m so scared! Joe insists he’s going to kill me if I keep coming to your church.”  “Yes, yes, my child.  You’ve been telling me […]

“What in the World”


ST. STEPHEN’S PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH                                                                                    AUGUST 14, 2016 Rev. Sabrina Ingram WHAT IN THE WORLD Romans 12:1 & 2; John 1:1-14   This morning we’re going to wake up our brains with a few minutes of “table time”.  The topic for discussion is:  Do we live in a good world or a bad world?  And […]

“Anything goes”


ST. STEPHEN’S PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH                                                                                          JULY 31, 2016   ANYTHING GOES Exodus 20: 1 – 17; Matthew 22: 34 – 40; Romans 13: 8 – 10 Rev. Sabrina Ingram   We live in a time of shifting values.  Whether we look to the diverse values of different cultures, to our own society or to the […]