Sermons from January 2017

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“The Church for Others”


ST. STEPHEN’S PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH                                                                                  JANUARY 29, 2017   THE CHURCH FOR OTHERS 2 Corinthians 5: 14 – 21; Matthew 21: 28 – 31a Rev. Sabrina Ingram   When I was first ordained a man came to see me because he wanted his son to take over the farm but the son wasn’t interested.  With […]

“What and Why”?


ST. STEPHEN’S PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH                                                                                   JANUARY 22, 2017   WHAT AND WHY Isaiah 61: 1 – 4; John 3: 16 & 17 Rev. Sabrina Ingram   Last Sunday I spoke of the plight of Christians in Nigeria and the minister who said, “Christians in Nigeria need to know what they believe and why they believe.  […]

“Come and See”


ST. STEPHEN’S PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH                                                                                   JANUARY 15, 2017   COME AND SEE 1 Corinthians 2: 1 & 2; John 1: 29- 46 Rev. Sabrina Ingram   Recently Terry was speaking to a minister from northern Nigeria.  The man shared that in that region, Christians are consistently under threat for their faith by Boko Haram, whose […]

“Do you come to me?”


ST. STEPHEN’S PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH                                                                                     JANUARY 8, 2017   “DO YOU COME TO ME?” Isaiah 42: 1 – 9; Matthew 3: 13 – 17 Rev. Sabrina Ingram   So, did you get everything you wanted for Christmas?  Do you get everything you want from life?  From God?  As people we have many wants and needs.  […]

“Your Choice: Desert of Promised Land?”

ST. STEPHEN’S PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH                                                          January 1, 2017                                                                              Allyson Lucas Your Choice:  Desert or Promised Land? Numbers 13:1-3, 26-33/Numbers 14:1-12/Hebrews 11:32-40   God has really been speaking to my heart … through His Word … through Sabrina … through various examples in this congregation … through a book called, Lord, Change My Attitude (Before It’s […]