Sermons from August 2017

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“The Good Life” by Rev. Ed Musson


The Sermon – The Good Life”          August 20th, 2017 Friends, I was blessed with wonderful parents. Out of necessity, they went to work instead of finishing school high school and college not being an option for either of them. They worked hard for their modest salaries, and they saved when most […]

“Given and broken”


ST. STEPHEN’S PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH                                                                                           AUGUST 10, 2018 Rev. Sabrina Ingram GIVEN AND BROKEN Matthew 14: 13 – 21   Leftovers happen.  If you’re half Italian they happen a lot.  Some people get quite excited by leftovers.  Others, not so much.   Sometimes leftovers are appreciated because we’ve got better things to do than cook.   Ironically, most […]