Sermons from January 2018

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Yet For Us…..


ST. STPEHEN’S PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH JANUARY 28, 2018 Rev. Sabrina Ingram YET FOR US… 1 Corinthians 8: 1 – 13; Mark 2: 21 – 28 Years ago, one of my children became a vegan. Up until then the only questions I had regarding meat were, “Do I want chicken, beef, seafood, mutton or pork tonight?” and […]

The Light Has Dawned


ST. STEPHEN’S PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH January 21, 2018 Rev. Ed Musson THE LIGHT HAS DAWNED Jonah 3: 1 – 5, 10; Matthew 4: 12 -17 When I was a child, I had a unique way of positioning myself for sleep. I would lie on my stomach (and it was much easier to do that way back […]

Star of Wonder


ST. STEPHEN’S PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH January 7, 2018 Allyson Lucas STAR OF WONDER Epiphany Sunday Matthew 2: 1–12 Isaiah 60:1-6 Star light, star bright. First star I see tonight. I wish I may, I wish I might have the wish I wish tonight. How many of us have wished upon a star? On the church calendar, […]