Week 5   VLOG    The Essence of Essential


I want to begin by thanking Ontario’s Premier Doug Ford and his team for their compassionate leadership during this unprecedented time of pandemic.  It’s no small thing to bear the responsibility for 14 ½ million lives.   Thank you.


I also want to mention that while a haircut may not be a great personal concern for Mr. Ford, for those of us who are folically gifted, it’s getting more essential all the time.    I’m starting to look like the sheep dog on the Bugs Bunny cartoons.   Just sayin’


No seriously,  if that’s the worst that’s happened to me, I can’t complain.


However,  that makes an excellent segue into what I want to talk about today – what is essential?    During the last few weeks, we’ve all discovered what is essential for maintaining life:  Health care; Food industry, warm shelter.   And we need financially solvency so we can have the things that maintain life.  All these things are essential to our quality of life.


There is something else, that many people don’t think about, that is fundamental to our existence.


The movie A River Runs Through It, tells the story of a family.  The father is a Presbyterian Minister and a fly fishermen.  One day he takes his two sons fishing.  He bends over by the water’s edge and shows them the rocks and says,  “A long time ago, raindrops fell on mud and became rock.  But even before that, beneath  the rocks are the words of God.”  Then he tells them to, “Listen”.    “Because if we listen carefully all our lives  – we might hear those words”.


McLean is speaking of something foundational to all of life.  Something that greater than the physical.

That which is the source of life.   The being we call God.   God is the One who gives the gift of life.  Without that source – without the Word – there is nothing to maintain.  God’s Word  lies beneath and beyond it all and God’s Word upholds it all.  God is the essence of all that is essential.


In Deuteronomy 33:27 we read,

“The eternal God is your refuge

And underneath are the everlasting arms”

God is not only the source of life, God is the one who continuously gives life  (breath by sacred breath) and who holds us all for eternity.    Listen.  Listen carefully and you will hear God’s Word.


We are all eager to get back to the routines and rhythms of life, even if they will be a little different because of the need for physical distancing.   But we don’t need to distance ourselves from God.  God is present to us, now and always – holding us in those everlasting arms.


Are you present to God?

Are you willing to make room in your life for the giver of all life?

Do you have space in your being for what is most essential?

Are you listening?




Essential God

By your will, we exist.

Without your eternal presence, all life would crumble.

Continue to hold each one of us in your everlasting arms.

Draw us closer to you.  Amen.


The Lord bless you and keep you.